Happy food days

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Food photography is fun, time consuming, difficult, exciting, aggravating, stressful and I really love it. There is a big difference taking food picture home in our own studio and when you are working on location in a real restaurant environment. On location there is not much time for corrections of your own errors, you need to keep up with the pros in the kitchen who do their best to produce beautiful dishes – that they expect you to take excellent pictures off. This puts a lot of stress both on photographer and the food stylist. (we happen to have a food stylist, and am I happy for that.) 

Before this particular food shoot we had spend a day for planning and meeting with the main chef for the restaurant, so we could get an idea of how the day would look like. The plan contained dish names, and how they would be put together and presented. We could then present our ideas and wishes for plates etc, so it all would fit into the final product, in this case a restaurant menu for printing and a major update for their homepage.

The images above is from a shoot last week in Helsinki where we focused on classic Chinese dishes.